Bethlehem Peace Light


Bethlehem Peace Light

In Bethlehem, at the place where Jesus was born, burns an everlasting light.  This light, which has been burning for centuries, is the symbol of peace, warmth and love.


Every year, Austrian scouts light a special lantern from this Bethlehem Peace Light and fly it to Vienna, Austria.  From there, scouts of many nationalities transport the Light across borders to the various countries of Europe, including Ukraine.  The Light is passed on from person to person, to all who are awaiting the Light, but especially those in need of hope and love before Christmas.  The Peace Light has become a Christmas tradition for many and is used to light the candles on Christmas Eve before dinner.  They remain lit through the Feast of the Epiphany.


Austrian scouts also fly the Peace Light to New York, where it is transferred to lanterns of scouts in the U.S., including the Ukrainian scouts (plastuny), in a special ceremony that takes place at Our Lady of the Skies Chapel at the airport.  From there, the Peace Light is disseminated throughout the U.S. and Canada.


This year we are hoping that the Peace Light reaches all the far corners of the U.S. and Canada.  We are asking all to join in this beautiful Christmas tradition and share the Peace Light within their parishes and communities.


Join in the distribution of the Bethlehem Peace Light!

Our peace light ceremony is on Dec 5th at 1:30 at St John’s Ukrainian Catholic Church 60 North Jefferson Rd Whippany NJ 08807.

Please bring a lantern in order to take the flame back with you. At a time when our world faces so much violence spreading peace is of utmost importance.
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Наша “domivka” знаходиться в Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey 60 North Jefferson Road., Whippany, NJ 07981

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